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  • Do I need to sign in to watch the pitches?

    The first pitch of every event is available for everyone to watch without signing in. To explore more pitches and access our full library, you'll need to either sign in or create an account if you're not already a member of our Wefranch community.

  • How can I pitch at an event?

    Interested in showcasing your franchise? Simply apply through our 'Apply to Pitch' section. We carefully review every application to select innovative ideas for our events.

  • What do judges look for in a pitch?

    Our judges evaluate pitches based on innovation, scalability, potential impact, and the presenter's ability to execute the idea. It's about the vision and how feasible it is to bring it to life.

  • Can I attend an event as an audience member?

    Yes! To attend, register through our 'Upcoming Events' section. Experience the excitement of live pitches and connect with the franchising community firsthand.

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