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online in minutes makes it easy to sell Franchise licenses and manage your current franchise portfolio.

Wefranch highlights exceptional brands with builders who are willing to train other entrepreneurs. Wefranch's technology removes the hassle of operating a compliant franchise system. We develop tools that help franchisors train and communicate effectively with their franchisees. Join us.

Scaling the franchise model leads to a rise in entrepreneurship and broadens the class of people who own 'sweat' equity. It enpowers more people to solve soceity's problems society at scale.

How Wefranch works

How Wefranch works

  • Showcase concept

    Describe how your business concept is differentiated

  • Get Official

    Create or upload the Franchise Disclosure Document and track state registrations and filings

  • Filter for talented franchisees

    Monitor inbound applications for talented prospects that can execute your brand vision

  • Train your franchisees

    Document your operations. Train franchisees on the ins and outs of running a business unit

  • Open the unit

    Your new franchisee opens the unit. You start collecting revenue split

  • Ongoing connection

    Collect feedback and reviews from your franchisee to build a better network

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  • List your franchise concept
  • Get qualified franchisee leads
  • Priority support
  • Early access to new features

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