Bronx$ 41,629
Manhattan$ 79,963
Queens$ 81,365
Brooklyn$ 66,938
Staten Island$ 89,821

Data Driven,
Geo-Spatial Territory,

Deciding if a location is viable for a franchise.

Interactive Location Intelligence for franchises

Use macroeconomic, population and other relevant geo-spatial data to predict how viable a specific location would be for a franchise concept. Each model is tailored to the location and the franchise concept for the highest fidelity analysis.

  • Determine the Total Addressable Market

    Data driven analysis of the total addressable market in a specifc territory based on the ideal customer profile for the franchise concept

  • Local competitive Positioning

    Accurately determine the amount of direct competitors and close substitutes to determine the pricing power the new location would have in the local market

  • Fair Territory Boundaries

    For franchisors, use geo-spatial data tools to equitably divide areas, enabling franchisees to make informed decisions and achieve fast financing for rapid growth.




Conduct an apples to apples comparison to understand how a proposed territory would perform compares to existing territories or when picking one for multiple proposed territories.

Understand how the risks facing proposed territories based on it's unique demographic, regulatory and increasingly climate related exposure.

Created detailed and thorough custom reports that can be shared with investing and operating partners.

  • Comparative Analysis

    Compare territories; prioritize expansion.

  • Risk Reports

    Track competitive, regulatory and climate risks for proposed location

  • Territory Reports

    Detailed reports on viability of the franchise in a location


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  • Why do you focus on predicting Free Cash Flow?

    Free Cash Flow is a reliable metric for evaluating the financial performance and value of a company.

  • What data do you use to compute the suitability score?

    We use population demographic data, footfall data, cost index data, wealth bracket data, climate prediction data and dozens of alternative data sources.

  • How do you test your models to know if they are accurate?

    We build rigorous backtests to understand how well our models perform in sample and out of sample.

  • Do you cover international coverage?

    Yes, our models cover over 200 countries.

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