Your next best franchisee is waiting.

Every month, tens of thousands of people visit Wefranch to research franchises.

With Wefranch's Buyer Intent, teams get crucial intel needed to reach the right audience at the right time, every time.

Improve conversion rates.

With Wefranch’s buyer intent data, franchisors have a pipeline of piping hot accounts. Focus on franchisees most likely to buy a license and prioritize outreach based on intent, not just content downloads.

Increase win rates.

The struggle is real, but with a list of accounts actually in-the-know about your franchise, you can win much more often. Optimize outreach and have more meaningful conversations with profile, category, competitor, and technographic data points.

Outreach that resonates.

Meet soon-to-be franchisees at the peak of their interest with relevant information. Get alerts in real-time via email to reach buyers before your competitors do.

Land, expand, retain.

With competitor and alternative signals, play offense and defense at the same time. Know when a current franchisee might be looking for alternatives.

Curb churn.

Get notified when franchisees start sneaking out the door and engage before it’s too late. Monitor Wefranch research activity and use intent signals to improve franchisee health scores and retention.

Upselling made easy.

Know exactly when your current franchisees are exploring additional products your franchise offers, and contact them with tailored messaging when they’re the most likely to upgrade.

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