Current Operator, Nov 8, 2023
Code Ninjas

The franchise has a lot of potential. But the Home Office needs to make improvement in terms of support to franchisees, hire and retain good quality staff, and make sure they are actually understanding the real market needs and timelines NOT their own timeline.

the concept and coding curriculum are great

No support or contact from field representative. Other programs that we can offer are stale. For example, we've been using the same camp content for 4+ years! They should extend offering to adjacent fields in STEM so we can offer not just coding. Not all kids will be into coding so we should take advantage of other STEM related topics so we can capture kids who may have different interest than coding. Or offer them a variety of activities not just coding. Technologies used to support the business are not too great (e.g. CRM, payment processing, etc.). it takes a ton of our time to get around these systems instead of optimizing our time. They are also not up to corporate standard or at par in features and functionality with well-known similar systems. The fees we are charged are also incredibly expensive for such low grade systems.

A lot to improve on - staff, content/curriculum, support to franchisees, back-end tech/systems used by them and franchisees

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