Current Operator, Mar 28, 2024

We spend a lot of money per agent to advertise to corporate but we get nothing in return ocally.Corporate use to care about the owners, now we only hear from them if we owe money. Corporate does nothing to help promote the owners.There is no retention for RE/MAX franshise owners.

The brand anc culture.

There is no support from corporate

Recoginize that losing owners is losing agents. If corporate helped promote the owners and their firms, agents count would go up. Being a owner, paying agent fees that include advertising with no return locally, but a owners has to spend more money to promote and advertise to get agents to grow is a losing business. I see more office closing then opening in our area. The firms that are sucessful in our area, don't brand or follow trade mark, which corporate is aware of but doesn't do anything about it because of the office production. All of that effects our firms. When I joined RE/MAX we use to get the balloon, corporate had agent events, there were agent networking events etc. Now we get no support from corporate, other than all you got to do is call agents to grow your firm.

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