Current Operator, Jun 16, 2023

Re read what I sent in what “ I DONT like” and Listen to the franchisees.

24/7 concept, over 300 locations

*Insurance programs do not help franchisees, *mandatory purchases that don’t fit our club- such as Evolt. High priced when lower options are available. *Not all clubs are couching clubs, therefore those who are not are left out. Trainers are not available in all demographics. *Provision security has fallen to the lowest low. They were helpful and experienced. Now it’s all about money. SEBRANDS double dipping with higher costs to franchisees. *SEB not helpful most often. No visits, no calls, when they do we are just a box to check off with no results. *They should be making visits to check on all clubs. There are many clubs not up to standards, especially in cleanliness. Those are an embarrassment to those who operate a clean profitable club. * FREE 7 day passes should be optional for all locations. Remove the word FREE, allow the franchise to select number of days. * allow marketing to be more edited( right now it’s very restricted), less purple background so items can be printed in the club without burning up a tank of ink.

Listen more to franchisees. Everything has moved to SEBRANDS making $$$$$$ and not listening and letting the franchisees make more profit. Top of the list is the INS programs. Only one making money is INS and SEBRANDS. Many franchisees are in agreement. FIX provision support. We pay over $700 a month and it is awful. I had no alarm system for over 6 months but I still paid. If a member had a medical issue no help was coming because our system did not work. I sent multiple tickets.. still waiting on my refund.

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