Current Operator, Jun 15, 2023

Hard pass on AF.

The other franchisees who share what works/doesn't work.

Mostly everything. Corporate doesn't care whether their franchisees are successful or not. They would rather run them into the ground with stupid unnecessary rebranding costs near $100k every 5 years and purple carpet than actually giving franchisees a winning formula or allowing them to tailor the model to what works in their unique market. Corporate's franchise business consultants are beyond clueless. They never provide valuable solutions or answers, only canned corporate babble that does nobody any good, but corporate only cares about checking the box that they "provided support." Yeah right. Owners are well aware that corporate would rather put franchisees out of business so they can take over clubs and resell them to new suckers who buy into the model. All of this of course is my opinion and I run a highly successful club despite having learned to not rely on corporate or involve them at all in my club.

There isn't enough time in the day to list everything out here. They need to realize that different clubs will be successful for different reasons. Not ever club works in the corporate myopia world. They need to allow for differences in different markets. They need to stop going through the motions of pretending to care and pretending to support franchisees. They need to get back into the business like they were in the early 2000s and come back down off their high horses to reality.

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