Current Operator, Feb 13, 2023

This brand can be enjoyable and respected but there are certain things that do more damage than good and make franchisees reevaluate whether they want to be part of it or not

Gyms , members , can be a enjoyable business

Livit - designers Legal team - treat you poorly and always jump straight to the conclusion you’re doing something wrong without discussing anything with franchisees. Hr audits are a joke and directly target specific franchisees while others are taking the piss out of the system.

Sort out your legal team, teach them to treat franchisees better and talk to us like humans and not like a piece of dirt. Every 6-12 months they’re emotionless emails with threats of breaches is demoralising and makes me want to leave the franchise. I may not be your best franchisee but I am one of your most committed in this state that follows regulations and your brand closely but also now close to leaving the franchise.

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