Share your craft & create a new revenue stream

Join our community of expert online instructors and discover the benefits of sharing your skills.

Why you should host a class?

Leverage your expertise to ignite learning passions, cultivate connections, and generate a sustainable revenue stream.

  • Build Followers

    Grow a dedicated audience who are eager to learn from you and market your service more effectively.

  • High Passive Income

    Enjoy the freedom of earning substantial income from your online classes.

  • Attract Talent

    Connect with skilled learners and expand your hiring pipeline.

  • Franchisee Pipeline

    Enhance your franchisee pipeline by providing training and attracting potential partners.

  • Elevate Your Community

    Play an instrumental role in empowering your community with knowledge.

What's the Deal

Embrace a partnership that prioritizes your success and offers inclusive opportunities for growth and visibility

  • Generous revenue share

    Keep 80%
    of your course proceeds.
  • Teach without financial worries

    $99 /month
    fee waived
  • Apply for a marketing budget

    to promote your course.


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  • How can I sign up as an instructor?

    Fill out the form below with your Name, Email, and LinkedIn (optional). If you represent a business, please provide your company name, location, and website. If you have a specific course in mind, indicate the title of the course.

  • How does the revenue share work?

    As an instructor, you'll get 80% of the course proceeds. There are no fixed fees ($99/month fee is waived for instructors).

  • What is the $500 marketing budget?

    We offer a $500 marketing budget to promote your course. You can apply for this after signing up. Note that this optional budget would be recouped prior to you getting a payout.

  • How can I attract more students to my course?

    Besides the marketing budget, you can leverage your follower base and use our platform's promotional tools to attract more students to your course.

  • Can I offer more than one course?

    Absolutely! You're free to offer as many courses as you want. The more you offer, the more opportunities you have to earn.

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