Current Operator, Mar 29, 2024

Please do your due diligence and then some if you are considering this company.

Being able to provide high-quality care for pets while building relationships with their owners and my employees.

All the franchisors care about is making money. Because of their shady business practices, many people have lost their life savings or are in incredible debt. Most locations are either making no money or barely breaking even because they pay anywhere from 21% to 28% of gross revenue in franchise fees. A large number of companies have handed their locations back to the corporate office within 2-3 years after opening. It seems that would affect their FDD, but it doesn't seem to phase them, as they have not attempted to change the model to ensure owners can succeed and profit. It took over 15 years for any location to gross a million dollars, and they tell people this will happen in the first year or two. Even if there were a chance someone made that happen, they would be lucky to be able to make an 8-10% profit. The majority of newer owners had to hand back their locations at a significant financial loss because they were never able to make a profit. If they tell you that only happened to owners who didn't know what they were doing, that is complete BS. Most franchisees in the system view the franchisors as intentionally dishonest, greedy, and overall not nice people.

Too many things to list.

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