Current Operator, May 6, 2024

Used to be great, we have gone down to “OK”. I just hope it does not go farther down.

It is a business where our product is service. We do not carry much of an inventory. And the inventory we carry are things that will not go bad, such as packaging materials.

This is a business that I first became familiar with over 40 years ago. The format still very much needed, but more flexibility to owners must be given. There is a lot pushed “down our throats” from corporate. Some decisions are down right bad for business and is just one more way for corporate to make money with no regards for the owner’s profitability.

Listen more to local owners. What is good for Southern California is not necessarily good for the rest of the country. Think about: the USA has 2 types of automobiles. One for California and one for the other 49 states. Something is wrong with this thinking.

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