Current Operator, Apr 10, 2024

SOR is a great concept but it's becoming dilute under current management. They don't seem to understand what we are doing at the school level and continue to make it difficult to operate our franchises. It is becoming more and more clear that our interests are not aligned.

Love the concept and we have positively changed so many students lives

Corporated management. They continue to dilute the product. Communication is dreadful When faced with the hard questions from franchisees, they avoid answering and divert off topic. The acquisition by O'Rourke has yet to be fruitful. We heard about how this was going to help us but all we've seen is a few corporate officers are now officers at YEB which is diverting attention away from SOR. I tried for two weeks to get an accounting question answered and Dorothy has yet to respond to me, despite several follow ups. Just another example of ignoring what they don't like.

Listen to feedback from the franchisees - the ones with boots on the ground. Stay in their lane.

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