Current Operator, Mar 27, 2024

I over all am happy with it. At the end of the day we re a busy store and it is profitable. I opened this location so this was not an existing store, so obviously the value of this asset has more than tripled. Be smart and do your demographic studies prior to picking location

Concept and future presence in the market. Rising value of the business as an asset

Profit margins are not good compared to other businesses. It may sound great that your sales for the year is over $800k. But if it was any other business and you re doing these kinds of sales, your profit margins would be much higher. I have also noticed that there is a threshold number that you have to exceed to start profiting. Luckily the corporate is there for you and the brand is good that you should be able to exceed it. The higher the sales, the higher profit margins you will make. But it is frustrating because you don't have much variable expenses to play with nor do you have the total freedom in decreasing your costs as it is all set vendors, set fees and set percentages of sales you have to pay up

I think they do a lot that is good. But one thing for sure should be give owners more freedom with things like vendors. Our one vendor for cardboard is beyond awful and they price gouge. Yet we have no control over it. We re forced to use them.

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