Current Operator, Jan 8, 2024

Overall, I am both proud and happy being a Goddard Franchisee. I do believe that our system is continuing to improve and we are being listened to when improvements are discussed/prioritized.

I love that we have a community and resources to reach out incase of need. This is more "personal" than set up through Goddard but I do appreciate that! I appreciate that Goddard does have improvement systems in place for schools who are struggling. Love the QA system, the new curriculum (although cost is much too high compared to other franchisors who INCLUDE curriculum and all materials to their franchisees and replacement is up to them over time). I appreciate the acknowledgment of a job well done and school in good standing.

I do not like that profitability is the main source of being in Circle of Excellence - top 10% in the system. While profit matters, as well as parent "score" through the new system, we know that parents who view things negatively tend to respond much more than those who view things positively. I do wish that we had more information available when schools are needed or up for sale. I have never been contacted for a second school even when telling I have interest and new franchisees are popping up. This is frustrating especially in my market. I also do not like that we are paying $1000 per person to attend franchisee convention. This should be included in the hundreds of thousands I pay in franchisor fees. This should cover this or at least make the amount much less. Looking forward to seeing what this amount is actually paying for and if the value is upheld.

I love the lunch options or school meet-and-greets. Showcasing more local schools in the e-briefs and what amazing things they are doing. Continuing to be open to criticism and not just saying "it's a work in progress." We know that! We just want to hear what is being worked on. Thank you for all that you do!

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