Current Operator, Sep 15, 2023

Honest. How is that for a sentence. Different note, question I couldn't answer & gave 3 stars to was the environmentally friendly question. I would have like to not answer that as I/we don't truly know with all of our vendors & how they source & manufacture. Can't answer that.

I'm very appreciative of the loads of help and materials but yet the hands off involvement. In other words there are there when you need them and not getting in the way when you don't.

Marketing, I went the rout of a franchise because I don't understand, have a passion or truly care about marketing, but know it's importance. I not this because some to several of the marketing ideas and items make my skin crawl. They feel cheep, "used car salesman like" and like you are chasing the bottom feeders. Now I say read my first sentence again. Maybe I'm just predisposed to seeing marketing this way.

Vendors seam to be added, leaving and changing on a steady basis. Should there be an annual refresher course, say zoom, that all need to attend and it is just a simply run down of here is what we are and are no longer. Also wondering if it should be across both KTU & BTU as it seemed in Nashville that KTU could order from the BTU vendors as well?

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