Former Operator, Nov 29, 2023

The venture capitalists who took over the franchise since 2019 has destroyed the value and the brand. The future is uncertain as the secured creditor Basepoint Capital is currently poised through bankruptcy proceedings to take over franchise.

As a 23 year franchisee I built the franchised business from nothing into a successful unit.

Unfortunately when the current franchisor took over in 2019 we lost 40% of franchised offices and experienced franchisor engaging in illegal acts which culminated in franchisee complaints to federal regulators, investigations, terminations etc. poor management, greed, and self dealing at the top coupled with legal violations/lawsuits eventually led to bankruptcy in July of 2023.

It is doubtful any improvements will or can be made. The franchise will likely be sold off or broken up in the near future after Basepoint capital takes over franchise in the coming months.

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