Current Operator, Oct 12, 2023

It seems that vocal franchisees are often silenced or ignored. There is a sense of favoritism within the system.

The premise of types of learning offered. The quality of faculty the current program calls for.

The focus seems to be top down with little regard for already successful schools and their needs. Little support at the school level. Lack in marketing efforts that are equal to the cost. Materials not available. Change in the curriculum is not why we initially chose Goddard. Support in the schools to implement philosophy could have been just as beneficial. It needs a complete overhaul and support to get things operational.

Listen to a variety of franchisees with different backgrounds. Provide more support at the school level with people who have experience in education. Have materials ready when you say they will be ready and communicate more effectively. Materials for marketing and curriculum are not completed in a timely manner.

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