Current Operator, Feb 22, 2023

Brightway is Great, but has some serious FLAWS for the industry.

I love how easy it is to onboard, I love the ADA Team and the Agent support team when there are technical issues

THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT, WORST EVER ! ! ! and WE all pay a large fee for this it creates WAY more work. The non Compete with other Brightway agents, this is ridiculous. Also the fact that any agent can service any other agents clients .. This is an industry NO NO ! ! .. Please make this STOP immediately! ! I am a seasoned agent, I do not need a new agent going in and messing with something they do not understand. Please help Brightway change and become better! ! I love my business but there are parts i really dislike.

CHANGE IT ! ! NOW ! ! These are things that not only hurt your AGENTS but Hurt you franchise as a whole.

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