Current Operator, Jul 16, 2023

Mathnasium has a great educational product which many of its franchisees were once customers, believe in the product. However, the punitive franchise agreement contract, lack of support and serious cronyism and favoritism maybe the downfall of this company.

Mathnasium offers great product and value to their customers and clients.

Corporate culture that practices toxic cronyism, major decisions that favors those who are close to the senior management , programs that benefits larger/multi-centers franchisee owners and lacking in transparency of its policy. Too often, the HQ deaf to the problems of its franchisees and gas lighting it's franchisees for voicing problems by pointing to successful owners who doesn't complaint.

Transparency, honesty and fairness. Be transparent, share and educate about how its program works, expectations of the program and how it will benefit franchisees. Get owners buy-in. Be fair. Too many deals happened behind closed doors. To those who are close to senior management, buy and selling Centers are not happening in the open market place, management applied double standards on these deals, favorable terms and conditions given to those who are closed to the corporate mgmt.

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