Current Operator, May 16, 2024

Below average.

Apart from reduced commission from Amazon, I like that we are trying to diversify.

More flexibility with the scheduling/time, especially for Sundays. Some stores like mine cannot afford to be open for just 20 Amazon returns on Sundays. More money is going out than coming in on Sunday. We been having this issue for almost two years. Initially, we thought it would get better but it has not so not sure why corporate still wants us to be open. Kinda selfish on their end since they will get royalty regardless but it’s a burden for the franchisee to cover the cost of staffing, utilities and electric for those days. I also do not like all the changes that have taken place after we opened like no gate, no more greeting cards, and buying the same thing again because corporate messed up on our OOW. These are costly expenses since we’ve opened… it’s been an uphill battle.

Be more considerate to be honest and not be selfish because at end of the day, if the franchisees are happy then it’ll benefit the corporate.

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