Current Operator, Oct 31, 2023

not a bad franchise to own, but not all the rules are the same for each store.

a needed service in our community

change. change. and more change. and every change costs the owners money. also required items to have in store are marked up higher for "kickback" to corporate to make more money while the franchisee pays more for something they could get elsewhere the same thing at a reasonable price. also some requirements are unavailable or have long lead times. Not always a quick response from our franchise consultant. or a canned response to send us some where else to look for answers. tech support can be a joke.... send you to a level 2 if they don't know and level 2 never calls back, you have to call again and again

cover some of the costs when making changes or "mandatory upgrades". NO STORES TO BE OPEN ON SUNDAYS!!!!!! That is the most ridiculous idea some one had sitting in a corner office somewhere thinking they can make more money. Ebenezer comes to mind when I heard this. People need time off and family. Sunday Church and family time are more important on Sundays that the minimal amount of money to made in our rural area. They need to reevaluate that stupid implementation. Hope those people who decided to be open Sundays are available to work Sundays as well.

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