Current Operator, Dec 21, 2023

The initial fee to become a franchisee is in the thousands of dollars, followed by you an excessive monthly and annual fees into the thousands of Dollars. Then they change with no notice what we paid for. You cannot trust what you get after purchase as they change on a whim

The technology used

They lie and then when you try to go after the vendor they were lying for, I was told "you better watch your step" which I took as a failed threat. I paid $16k for marketing materials and month's later they come back and say, " you can't use what you bought from us, and no we won't give you a discount to replace what they say must be replaced. You must pay for new marketing materials, to replace what they sold you month's earlier. You purchase a special marketing item, that they then change it negatively after you pay, and then tell us we have no recourse

Don't threaten us, don't make changes to products we have already paid for. If changing marketing materials, give some relief to those that have items that have not even been used.l in form of monthly charges and fees.

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