See & Be Kitchen


Who are we

Artisanal sourdough wholesale bread & croissant franchise

Why we do it

See & Be Kitchen is bridging the market gap between artisanal bread, which offers quality at a small scale, and large-scale production, which often sacrifices quality for scalability. Under the strain of working 100 hours and facing a shortage of employees, the artisan baker finds themselves at a breaking point. Through years of experimentation, we designed a franchise that produces the highest quality bread at a wholesale scale, brings profits, and has happy employees. Unlike facilities that rely on conveyor belts for efficiency, See & Be Kitchen focuses on filling a niche in the market without compromising the artisanal values that define its products.

  • Product that sells itself

    Award-winning bread and croissant recipes perfected through years of experimentation and acclaimed at the International Bread Expo.

  • Intentional Product & Brand

    With meticulous attention to detail and recipes meticulously codified through our FlexiBake software, we streamline the learning and scaling of wholesale bread production, crafting a business with the baker's needs at its core.

  • Innovation in the Baking Industry

    Revolutionizing the bakery sector by redefining codified recipes to create bread and sandwiches that taste exceptional and function perfectly while preserving the traditional hand-done and hand-baked methods.

  • Intelligent Business Structure & Support

    Intelligent business structure and support leverage retail as a counterbalance to wholesale, minimizing waste. Our comprehensive playbook focuses on community outreach—engaging with farmers' markets, maker markets, and restaurants in the first year and pitching to chefs to secure long-term unique accounts for wholesale production.

  • Thriving Staff

    We're fostering a thriving staff by creating a desirable workplace that avoids overwork, embodies community, and redefines the narrative of overnight bakers overworked, treating our staff humanely and addressing challenges through intelligent design.

  • Production Scale

    Our production scale is optimized and scaled, blending industrial efficiency with artisan quality, ensuring a meticulously trained approach even as we grow.

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Franchisee Requirements for See & Be Kitchen

Here is what we are looking for in our operators

  • Active Operator

    We are looking for professional barkers or people who love baking.

  • Single Location

    See & Be Kitchen exclusively grants rights to a single territory. No multi-unit opportunities are available at this time.

  • Access to Capital

    See & Be Kitchen franchise has attainable startup costs and special agreements for lease-to-own for the required baking equipment

Franchise Disclosure Documents

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How much will it cost

  • $35,000
  • 5.5%

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